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Retreat im rheinischen Braunkohlerevier (in englischer Sprache)

17. August - 21. August

Peacemaker-Weggefährte Frank de Waele Roshi und Peacemaker-Weggefährtin Svenja Shinsen Holweg bereiten für Sommer 2022 ein ZeugnisAblegen-Retreat im Rheinischen Braunkohlerevier vor:

We will spend 5 days together in different places of the Rhenish open-pit mining area. We invite different people who are located in the region and are in touch with the topic of opencast mining.

We will bear witness to the state of the earth and how we humans relate to it and to each other in this context. Together we will explore the questions: How do we really relate to the beauty, but also with the destruction of our nature? Do we still live on the earth or is our life part of the earth? How do we live with the extent and consequences of destruction – HOW do we act?

This Bearing Witness retreat is in the spirit of the 3 tenets of the Zen Peacemakers:
Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and the actions that arise from it.

Walks, Meditations and Councils (Dialogue and sharing of experiences) at beautiful as well as „wounded“ places around the open-cast mining area, visiting the villages that are to be dredged and talking with the people who are being resettled and losing their homes. Dialogue with different guests and activists on the topic, inter-religious ceremonies by representatives of different religions, recitation of names from the Red List of extinct animal and plant species as well as a recitation of the names of the resettled villages;

We go with what is, with the situations that arise on the ground – in summary one could say: „The place itself will be our teacher“ (this was Bernie Glassman’s comment on the Bearing Witness retreats in Auschwitz).

Our „basic accommodation“ is a simple and good workers‘ accommodation in Elsdorf – 1 kilometer away from the Hambach open pit mine. There we will sleep in 2-3 bed rooms and eat vegetarian-biological food. From there we will take a bus to different places of the open pit mine.

The Ecoretreat takes place completely on cost price basis and does not want to obtain any profits. For organizational reasons, we are currently calculating the exact amount of participation.

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17. August
21. August
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